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Assassin's Creed

OOC permissions
Backtagging: I'm slow, so absolutely yes! If something needs to be handwaved/wrapped up so you can move on to new things, just drop me a line on Discord (mythicbeast#9596) or PM.
Threadhopping: As long as the other person is cool with it, sure!
Offensive subjects: N/A

IC information
Species: Witch
Role/Faction: Circle Daybreak
Strength: 1
Magic: 3
Friends/Allies: Desmond, being a fresh face in London, doesn't really have any friends. His circumstances means he has little choice but to trust Circle Daybreak isn't dicking him over.
Enemies: Templars, and by extension that comes with a general mistrust of vampires.
Relationship status: Single and shouldn't be allowed to mingle.

Notable physical characteristics: Desmond's an even 6', but slouches a little so he never quite looks like it. He has a small vertical scar close to the left corner of his mouth (it cuts across both lips) and has a tattoo that wraps around his left forearm. They aren't usually visible, but he also has long parallel scars on his back -- clearly deliberately cut with a knife.
Notable magical characteristics: For those who can detect it, he's readily identifiable as a witch.
Offensive subjects: Desmond's unlikely to respond well to discussions of kidnapping, torture, and blood magic. There probably isn't much other than that that would actually offend Desmond or be something he hasn't heard/seen before, and if it did he'd be unlikely to show it. Being a bartender means he has plenty of experienced keeping a pretty even keel in the face of drunken belligerence.
Warnings: Desmond's in a bit of a spooked animal state, as being kidnapped and tortured tends to do to you, so he's incredibly wary of most people right now.

IC permissions
General physical violence: Yes! Desmond isn't likely to go picking fights, but he can and will defend himself.
Injuring this character: Minor injuries and scrapes, sure! Anything major, let's talk about it first.
Torturing this character: Open to playing it, but let's talk about it first.
Killing this character: Let's not!
Mental/emotional torment: Open to playing it, but let's talk about it first.
Physical intimacy: He'd probably take it but be incredibly confused by it, and is unlikely to reciprocate or offer much of his own.
Romance: He's not really in a place for a serious relationship right now, but as a player I more than welcome the chance to throw him into those situations!
Using magic on this character: Talk to me about it! If you just want to like ... set him on fire or something he can't do much about that.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Let me know if your character is capable of this so I can put information in tags accordingly, but Desmond is not a very mentally stable guy under that exterior.
Using mind control on this character: Talk to me about it! Desmond has a bit of natural resistance to mind control (thanks, ancestors) and his mind isn't a great place to be right now anyway, so the results may not be as expected. It's easier to just trick him. :')



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